Brits Effortlessly Switch Moaning From Cold To Heat


19 July 2016

The population of the United Kingdom have astonished the World by the effortless manner in which they have manged to stop bitching about how cold it is to instantly complaining that “It’s far too hot!”.

“This has to be worst July on record” said Joe from Camden “They said it would be a heatwave but it’s been terrible – the worst I can ever remember. I had to wear a coat the other afternoon and the rain! I’ve never—. Christ I’m sweating. This heat isn’t natural. Why doesn’t our office have air-con. This is a clear violation of health and safety rules!”

“The is classic UK behaviour” said a spokesperson from the Met Office “We get death threats all year round but like the first Robin of Spring you can tell when the content suddenly changes from wanting sun to complaining about sunburn that Summer has finally arrived. Many are unaware of the irony of hating something then all of sudden loathing the exact opposite. It makes you proud to be British!”

“No I don’t see a problem with angrily demanding something then once I get saying I don’t like it and want thing like they were before” said Joe trying to find the shaded area on an outside picnic bench “Yes I voted for Brexit, why do you ask?”