Wales 'Eternally Grateful' For English Support


07 July 2016

Welsh supporters today confirmed that the sudden influx of English Fans rushing to support Wales after their own team was no longer in Euro2016 has been an inspiration to them and helped them get knocked out of the tournament at the semi-final stage.

“In many ways they’ve shown us the true nature of what’s it’s like to compete in a major tournament in particular how to ingratiate with the local police and we’re amazed that all this time they were all such secretive Welsh fans – even to the point that they were wearing English shirts when we played them in the group game” confirmed a tearful Chris Coleman. “It’s particularly inspiring when they try to sing Men of Harlech – it’s like watching a repeat of Zulu on Boxing Day except with all the words in the wrong order. God bless them everyone.”

The Welsh FA, advised by their English counterparts have already looked into sacking Coleman and replacing him with a hopelessly out of depth but popular former player who will then inevitably be replaced with an over-the-hill foreign manager whose air of disinterest will be rivalled only by his desire for an ever larger salary. And then repeat this every three to four years until Scotland starts doing well.

“It’s been great to reconnect with my Welsh roots” confirmed an English Fan. “My valley heritage flows from my ‘aunt’s cousin’s great uncle’s hairdresser’s newsagent who once met Spike Milligan at a live recording of the Goon Show’ side of the family. Actually it might have been Harry Secombe. Was he Welsh?”